Bypass Armature for Sensors in Water Treatment

For easy handling and cleaning without tools

  • Bypass Armature for Sensors in Water Treatment
    Bypass Armature for Sensors in Water Treatment

Special bypass armatures are available for integrating sensors into water treatment. They are used to accommodate potentiometric, amperometric and conductivity sensors and ensure optimum operating conditions during measurement. 

The new, Modular Bypass Armature BAMa accommodates all ProMinent sensors for water treatment. It is simply installed in a bypass of the main process line. Important applications are drinking water, water for pool & wellness as well as industrial water such as cooling water and treated waste water.

For solids-laden water

Easy handling and cleaning is one of the advantages the modules offer. Sensors can be removed and replaced without tools. All parts are therefore very easy to clean. Flow-dependent sensors are optimally flowed to, so that water consumption can be reduced to 5 l/h under ideal measuring conditions. The BAMa setup is suitable for solids-laden water. Sample-carrying components are designed so that suspensions with a solids content of up to 10 % and particles up to 1 mm in diameter can be conveyed through the armature. The material is also resistant to chemicals and can withstand temperatures of up to 70° Celsius and an operating pressure of up to 7 bar (at 20° Celsius).

Changing process conditions can interfere with reliable measurement. The BAMa offers numerous options for setting the optimum measuring conditions and high safety, such as integrated filters, dosing modules for sample water conditioning, flow limiters or vent valves.