UV System for Drinking Water Treatment

Certified in line with the new testing standards

  • UV System for Drinking Water Treatment
    UV System for Drinking Water Treatment

The DIN:19294 2020-08 and OE-NORM:M5873-2020-01 test standards for UV systems have recently been revised and harmonised. Certificates for systems tested in line with DVGW worksheet W 294-1 from 2006 may no longer be extended. The UV system Dulcodes LP from ProMinent is the first and currently the only system to be certified in line with the new test standards.

Focus on energy-efficient operation

The design test for the new standard is considerably more comprehensive: in addition to testing effective disinfection, as undertaken in the past, the lamps are also subject to close scrutiny. Output control of the lamps is particularly important here as the disinfection of drinking water should use as little energy as possible. Tests therefore include the control characteristic of the lamps with regard to speed and precision.

ProMinent’s UV system satisfies the new test standard and represents pioneering drinking water treatment: the dynamic lamp heating adjusts the lamp output in a matter of seconds and provides for optimum disinfection even with varying flows and water temperatures. Seasonal fluctuations in water temperature are no longer an issue and are simply compensated for. As well as disinfecting drinking water, the UV system is also used to treat industrial water and is suitable for a flow of up to 406 m3/h. The Vario-Flux high-output lamps with dynamic lamp heating enable fast, precise lamp control. A uniform UV radiation dose translates into low energy use, a minimum number of lamps and significantly reduced life cycle costs.