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Applying ISO/IEC 27001/2 and the ISA/IEC 62443 Series for Operational Technology Environments
Switching Without Touching
Safety over Ethernet-APL
Adopt a Standardized IIoT Ecosystem for Industry 4.0
Safety over Ethernet-APL
Accuracy and Repeatability for Non-contact Measurement
Improve Efficiency of Water Systems with Variable Speed Pumps and Pressure Sensors
Encoders and Motors Can Help Safety in Oil & Gas Operations
A Close Look at Vision Guided Robotics
How to Evaluate Camera Sensitivity

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Coriolis Flow Meters for Additives

Coriolis Flow Meters for Additives

Accurate and compact mass flow meters of Bronkhorst’s mini CORI-FLOW operate on the fluid independent Coriolis principle and have been developed to measure low flow rates e.g. of additives, from 0,1 g/h to 300 kg/h. The instruments offer a "multi-range" function that allows users to rescale the pre-calibrated measuring range without losing their original accuracy.

The flow meters feature fieldbus interface options and additional functions such as totalisation and alarms. For precise liquid dosing, Bronkhorst offers flow control options...

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Boiler Management 4.0

Boiler Management 4.0

Monitor boiler systems for steam and hot water with foresight and operate them energy-efficiently – with the MEC Optimize digital assistant from Bosch. Thanks to predictive maintenance features, operating data is not only monitored and provided. Intelligent algorithms interpret the data, evaluate the service life of components and analyse water values. MEC Optimize proactively informs the plant operator about possible failure risks and supports with individually derived recommendations for action. By linking to the remote access MEC Remote, the values of MEC Optimize can also be called up...

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Mass Flow Meters & Controllers for Gas

Mass Flow Meters & Controllers for Gas

The digital Mass Flow Meters and Controllers of Bronkhorst’s IN-FLOW series can be used to accurately measure and control gas flows from 1 mln/min up to 11.000 m3n/h with high accuracy and excellent repeatability.

The instruments are of rugged design (IP65) for use in pilot and production plants in industrial environments or even Zone 2 hazardous areas, with optional ATEX Category 3 or FM Class I Division 2 approval.

With pressure ratings up to 700 bar and many analog and digital (fieldbus) I/O options, IN-FLOW...

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Precise Corrosion-resistant Ultrasonic Flowmeter Series
Efficiency Booster for Liquid Filling Machines
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Cloud-based Asset Management
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