Thursday, 19 October 2017

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Industrial White Papers

Avoiding the Watermelon Effect

In this white paper ABB Consulting introduces the concept of 'watermelon' effect and presents the findings from analysis of feedback and data from senior process safety professionals

Automation and Communication

ABB. Developing a ‘chronic sense of unease’ towards major accidents is seen as a vital step for companies with hazardous facilities to reach...

The Big Deal of Fuel Cells

The white paper discusses hydrogen-based fuel cell technologies and why fuel cell power solutions can be an excellent source of backup energy

Equipment and Services

GenCell. The white paper discusses hydrogen-based fuel cell technologies and why fuel cell power solutions can be an excellent source of backup...

Foodborne Pathogens and Time-Temperature Measurements

The how-to guide to implement automated solutions

Tegam. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate that the major foodborne pathogens caused 9 million illnesses each year....

4-Step Roadmap to Top Quartile Performance

To top quartile performance

Automation and Communication

Emerson. Some of the challenges in petrochemical plants include compliance, aging equipment, working with different feedstocks and retiring subject...

Planning and Operating Hydraulic Power Units

To provide greater energy efficiency

Automation and Communication

Eaton. Reducing energy consumption is a stated objective of the European Union. In 2007, EU Member States agreed to cut primary energy consumption...

Using Master Controls

To improve the performance and efficiency of industrial air compressors

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

Kaeser Compressors. When it comes to plant air systems, the fundamental needs of facilities are usually quite similar. The biggest requirements...

Die Attach Adhesives Impact Product Quality Well Beyond Manufacturing

In the semiconductor industry, the continued trend toward greater functionality packed into smaller die translates into correspondingly greater challenges for efficient assembly and continued lifecycle reliability

Equipment and Services

Masterbond. Die attach adhesives serve a vital role in semi-conductor assembly, manufacturing and throughout the product life cycle. In this...

Industrial Ethernet-based Networking for the Process Industry

Industrial Ethernet can bridge IT and OT, being appropriate for MES, most controllers and user interfaces, and many field applications

Automation and Communication

ODVA. Since the turn of the century, Industrial Automation has seen an ever increasing adoption of Ethernet-based networking and the associated...

Question of Choice: How to Identify your Flowmeter

Since the optimal specification can vary considerably according to a wide range of operational parameters, choosing the best flowmeter for different applications can be a real challenge

Measurement and Instrumentation

Titan Enterprises reports on a white paper written to assist design engineers looking to specify the best liquid flowmeter for their application. Choosing...

Lubricants Can Help Lower Energy Consumption

Often Overlooked, better lubrication can lead to dramatic energy savings

Equipment and Services

Lubrication Engineers. It is a simple fact: Better lubrication can lead to dramatic energy savings and an improved bottom line. This ought to...

Old Problems, New Solutions in pH Sensor Design

Rapid and accurate pH measurement is essential for safe and efficient continuous and batch processing

Measurement and Instrumentation

Foxboro. Dairy processors have been measuring pH for a long, long time. It’s a basic measurement of milk quality — a verification of freshness...

Ethernet Control Systems

How to develop high reliability ethernet control systems using media redundancy

Automation and Communication

Acromag. Ethernet was never designed for the plant floor industrial environment. It was designed for office systems and the environment of the...

Hoists and Cranes Engineered for Extremes

Moving loads: A family tradition since 1745

Measurement and Instrumentation

JD Neuhaus. When Johann Diederich Neuhaus built his first wooden shaft winch in 1745, he presumably had no idea how decisive it would later become...

The Solution Platform for Process Automation

Easy-to-handle solutions with high performance capability for real-time, availability, flexible topologies, and integration are needed to make use of the many possibilities of the digital world

Automation and Communication

Profinet. Industrial communication is one of the key technologies for modern automation. It is used to control and monitor machines and systems...

Advantages of Explosion Proof LED Lighting

This report aims to highlight the advantages of explosion proof-light emitting diode (LED) lighting in confined spaces

Equipment and Services

This report from Larson Electronics aims to highlight the advantages of explosion proof-light emitting diode (LED) lighting in confined...

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