Safeguarding Staff from Carbon Monoxide Leaks
Achieve the Highest Lockout/Tagout Safety with Highly Innovative SafeKey Lockout Padlocks
Affordable OGI Camera for Methane Detection
Brady Inspection Timer
Wearable Camera & Thermal Imager
Modular Wireless IoT Solution
Detecting SF6 Leaks from Electrical Circuit Breakers
HD Optical Gas Imaging Camera Improves Inspection Safety
DonadonSDD Rupture Discs for Aseptic Applications
See with more sensitivity from farther away

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TWO Neutrino™ Camera Series - Performance & SWaP+C

TWO Neutrino™ Camera Series - Performance & SWaP+C

The performance series includes two new models; the FLIR Neutrino OX and Neutrino SX12. Ranging from 1.3 to> 3.1 megapixels, this series includes the highest resolution MWIR camera from FLIR.

The new compact and lightweight Neutrino LC, with its high operating temperature (HOT) focal plane array, sets the standard for SWaP+C. Neutrinos are ideal for commercial, industrial and defense applications. Built from the ground up for integrators, they are easy to integrate, making for shorter time to market.

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A Compact Proximity Sensor Built to Last in the Most Extreme Environments

A Compact Proximity Sensor Built to Last in the Most Extreme Environments

Emerson presents the TopWorx™ GO™ Switch model 52M, a low profile, dry contact, proximity sensor with a 316L stainless steel sensing face in an industry standard 12mm package. The temperature ranges from -40°C to 100°C and it’s suitable for IP69K applications. The 52M does not require power to operate and is polarity insensitive with zero need to specify NPN or PNP circuits and maintains the ability to be a plug-and-play replacement for inductive proximity sensors. 

Features & Benefits

Can operate in large...

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Glass-free pH Sensors With Improved CIP Stability
Intrinsically Safe Handheld Pressure Calibrator
LTE-Smartphone for Hazardous Areas
Power Supply With SIL Certification
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KROHNE and SAMSON Introduce Joint Venture
Compact Flow Sensor with IO-Link
Monoblock With Ball Valves
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