Robust Differential Pressure Transmitter

Combination of compact design and large display

  • Robust Differential Pressure Transmitter
    Robust Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential pressure gauges are often large and hard to fit into small systems. LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH has now developed the PASCAL CV4 Delta P CV 4300, an especially compact and flexible digital differential pressure transmitter that is easy to install and operate, even in confined spaces. Despite its compactness, the device has numerous functions and is very user-friendly thanks to certain special features.

Freely configurable display

Examples of which are the stainless-steel case with protection class of IP 65 or 67 (optionally IP 69K) and the electrical connection that is continuously rotatable by ± 170° relative to the process connection. The high-resolution display can also be rotated, allowing it to be positioned so it faces the operator, no matter where the device is located in the plant. Thanks to the high-performance processor, the controls runs particularly smoothly; the intuitive 4-button user controls and freely configurable display modes also contribute to its user-friendliness. The display can also be removed without turning off the power supply.

The differential pressure transmitter is suited for level measurement of pressure vessels, for monitoring filters in process engineering, the chemical/petrochemical industry and in mechanical and plant engineering. The nominal range is 0.25 to 40.0 bar with an accuracy of 0.15%. The output signal is 4...20 mA with HART® protocol. The device has extensive setting, simulation and diagnostic functions as well as the popular Quick Setup function that enables configuration swiftly and conveniently, directly on the device or via HART.