Thursday, 14 December 2017

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Industry Interviews

Pushing the Boundaries of Lubrication Demand

Reducing cost of ownership while increasing power efficiency are two of the main goals for today’s OEMs. This translates into a higher demand for lubricants which offer a well-balanced formulation that can maintain engine health

Equipment and Services

PCN Europe: ExxonMobil has recently launched the Mobil Pegasus™ 1100 series: Can you tell us about the main benefits of this new product series? I....

Lens Talk: Technology for the Nuclear Industry

Driven by safety considerations the Nuclear Industry has a desire for higher and higher resolution, remote viewing of its operational facilities. For this reason, the uptake of CMOS colour sensors in place of traditional monochrome cameras is increasing

Automation and Communication

PCN Europe: What are the key criteria that a lens system has to satisfy in order to meet the needs of the nuclear industry? Mr. Pontin: ...

“Together, Anything is Possible”: Shell Lubricants Has a New Motto

At the Shell Technology Forum in Amsterdam, on May 11th, PCN Europe interviewed Roberto Paganuzzi, Technical Director Europe at Shell, who spoke about Shell philosophy

Equipment and Services

PCN Europe: Could you give us some information on the history of Shell Lubricants? What are the figures and trends of the sector? R. Paganuzzi:...

Looking Forward to.... 2017 HANNOVER MESSE

What’s Hot at this year’s HANNOVER MESSE? PCN Europe interviewed Marc Siemering, Vice President, on the main trends of the 2017 edition. Industrie 4.0 is always at the top of the conversation, but also energy efficiency is strongly taking hold

Automation and Communication

PCN Europe: After the great success of the 2016 edition with USA Partner country and Barack Obama as special guest, what are your expectations...

Bio, Pharma, Chemical Technologies

Interview with Mr. Morteza Seraj, Director for Process Automation at Mitsubishi Electric Europe, and Mr. Michael Suer, Director Life Science EMEA, Mitsubishi Electric Europe

Automation and Communication

PCN Europe: For Mitsubishi Electric, lowering client's costs, optimising reliability, expanding connectivity, managing energy use and improving...

The Value of Water

Water is a precious resource for any aspects of human life, even when looking at sales volume. Why the best water management practice is to think of water and management as a business and environmental cost

Processing Machinery

PCN Europe: Dow Water & Process Solutions recently launched the campaign 'Water Means Business'. What is the core message of this...

Thinking 4.0: Hannover Messe 2016

With the motto “Integrated Industry – Discover Solutions!” HANNOVER MESSE clearly emphasizes Industrie 4.0 as the main trend for 2016. Marc Siemering, Senior Vice President at Deutsche Messe AG, reveals what’s new on this upcoming edition

Automation and Communication

IEN Europe: What will be the industry main trends at this year's Hannover Messe? Mr. Siemering: The digitalization of production and energy...

SANOFI Wins Pharm Connect's Award

Interview with Csaba Hertelendi, Value Stream Manager at SANOFI, the company that won the 1st ever CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award in the manufacturers category at PHARM Connect

Processing Machinery

The winner of the 1st ever CEE Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Excellence Award in the manufacturers category at PHARM Connect is SANOFI,...

Fuelling Oil & Gas Rebirth

PCN Europe talks with Florent Baldeck, Business Development Manager for Oil & Gas in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at WEG, about future developments and new horizons for the sector

PCN Europe: What are the most demanding needs within the Oil & Gas sector? How does WEG try to meet these needs? Mr. Baldeck: With oil...

Eco-Friendly Lubricants

The Mobil SHC hydraulic environmentally acceptable lubricating oil is reported to be the compromise between performance and biodegradability. Interview with Ayman Ali, Europe, Africa and The Middle East Oil & Gas Marketing Advisor at ExxonMobil

Equipment and Services

PCN Europe: Oil & Gas-sustainability-environment: These words are becoming more and more interconnected. Which are the leading trends and...

The Future of Metering Petrochemical Fluids

PCN Europe interviewed Mr. Trevor Forster about trends and developments in petrochemical flowmeter technology, with the aim of offering an in-depth overview of flowmeters’ market and Titan's vision

Measurement and Instrumentation

PCNE Europe: What is the new frontier in development of petrochemical flowmeter technology? Mr. Forster: I believe that developments in ultrasound...

Remote Level Monitoring to Get Real-Time Inventory Data

VEGA Inventory System is a remote visualization software allowing optimal bulk inventory monitoring. Russell Astley, Business Development Manager at VEGA, tells us the advantages of this solution

Measurement and Instrumentation

VEGA Inventory System is a data acquisition and software platform for the remote level monitoring of tanks and silos as well as the classical...

Making the Difference: The Italian Style at ACHEMA 2015

The well-known trade show for the process industry gave us the chance to meet with Salvatore Lardieri, CEO at CO.RA, who describes the company with a look at its past and future goals and innovations

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

PCN Europe: Could you tell our readers something about CO.RA? Mr. Lardieri: CO.RA was established thirty years ago with the aim of creating...

Innovative Products with a Big Impact on the OEM Market

Interview with Nataly Turgeman, Unitronics Global Marketing Manager, who speaks about her company from A to Z, giving an overview of the complete range of PLCs, powerful software and technical support

Automation and Communication

PCN Europe: Could you introduce your company to our readers? Mrs. Turgeman: Unitronics was founded in 1989 to provide dedicated solutions for...

Hannover Messe 2015 Integrated Industry – Join the network

key challenges of the fourth industrial revolution can be mastered only through collective endeavor in networks. Interview with Benjamin Low, Director, HANNOVER MESSE Energy

Dear Mr. Low, why should industry players join HANNOVER MESSE 2015? HANNOVER MESSE is the world's leading technology event and the best platform...

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