The Easy Way to a Safe Performance

PCN Europe talked with Matthias Garbsch, Product Manager Safety at JUMO about the company’s JSP portfolio and the advantages for users.

  • Matthias Garbsch, Product Manager Safety at JUMO
    Matthias Garbsch, Product Manager Safety at JUMO
  • The safety temperature limiter/safety temperature monitor JUMO safetyM
    The safety temperature limiter/safety temperature monitor JUMO safetyM
  • The JUMO SIRAS P21 AR / DP can be used in combination with other JUMO devices as an immediately operational safety chain for SIL 2 or SIL 3.
    The JUMO SIRAS P21 AR / DP can be used in combination with other JUMO devices as an immediately operational safety chain for SIL 2 or SIL 3.
  • JUMO Safety Performance also enables the reliable detection and measurement of processcritical point levels and filling levels for liquids.
    JUMO Safety Performance also enables the reliable detection and measurement of processcritical point levels and filling levels for liquids.

PCN: Jumo has combined several safetyoriented products under the label Jumo Safety Performance (JSP). What do you want to achieve with this and who do you address? Garbsch: Safety topics are constantly gaining in importance, and not only in the process industry. More and more industries are orienting themselves to SIL (Safety Integrity Level) and PL (Performance Level) standards. However, the difficulty here lies in the details. In the case of a device with an Ex marking (explosion protection), users know exactly where and how they may use the device. A SIL marking on a sensor, on the other hand, does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the level of risk reduction that can be achieved when using it in a plant. This is because with SIL and PL, the complete measurement chain with all components must always be evaluated and calculated. This usually takes a considerable amount of time. At the same time, an enormous amount of specialist knowledge is required from the user. With the JSP brand, we want to guide users safely through the "jungle of standards". To do this, we combine JUMO products with our comprehensive SIL and PL know-how.
The advantages for the user are obvious. He does not have to perform complicated calculations and saves documentation and engineering costs.

PCN: Can you please give our readers more details of the key components in the system?
Our core competence for over 70 years is temperature measurement. The basic JSP variant is therefore a compact single-channel safety controller with selectable redundant input signals for standard signals and temperature sensors, with which SIL 3 or PL e can be implemented. With a combination of the JUMO safety temperature limiter/ safety temperature monitor JUMO safetyM and calculated JUMO sensor technology, the entire SIL measuring chain consisting of sensor, controller, and actuator is already calculated and supplied with a corresponding manufacturer's declaration. Since no complex control system is used, no programming knowledge is required for commissioning. This application can be implemented with almost all JUMO temperature sensor variants. The JUMO safetyM STB/STW Ex is also suitable for ATEX/IECEx/EAC applications and complies with the Pressure Equipment and Machinery Directive.

PCN: Which additional measurands are you covering and what Safety Integrity (SIL) and Performance Levels (PL) can be reached?
The JSP compact solution can also be used for the measurands pressure and level. In the pressure range, the new JUMO SIRAS P21 AR / DP pressure transmitter is the right partner for SIL and PL and is perfectly suited for safety measuring chains in the process industry.
In combination with the JUMO safetyM STB/ STW and the JUMO transmitter supply unit, it can be used as a safety chain for SIL2 or SIL3 and is certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 2014/68/ EU). For this purpose, JUMO provides the required certificates and all safety-relevant system properties in a clear manner, so that the safety assessment effort for the user is significantly reduced.
Another new addition to the JSP portfolio is the "level" measurand variable. This is a system solution up to SIL 2 according to IEC 61508, which is based on the products of the JUMO NESOS series and is available in various expansion stages depending on customer requirements. Starting with the SIL qualified sensor with all the required safety-related characteristic values, through SIL certified sensors, to the certified measuring point, flexible options are available. Qualification and certification are carried out by an independent test center, so that a solid basis is laid for safety-critical applications. The JSP complete solution in the "level" area can also reliably detect line faults such as short circuits and cable breaks from the sensor to the actuator. Solutions can also be implemented in combination with applications in explosion-proof areas (intrinsically safe, Ex i and flameproof enclosure, Ex d) and in shipbuilding.

PCN: From your experience, what is the time a potential customer could save, and perhaps you also can give us an example from your practise?
SIL focuses on the evaluation of the safety chain. This typically consists of sensor, control and actuator. Each application must be calculated and evaluated separately. The time required for this  depends, for example, heavily on the number of sensors used and on the previous knowledge that the user brings with him. Process engineers who are completely new to this topic usually need extensive training first. Several days or even weeks can easily be spent here before the first SIL chain can even be tackled. 
One application example for JSP technology is electrical heating solutions. These are always required when the temperature must be maintained or increased in closed process engineering processes. Particularly in hazardous areas, solutions that meet SIL requirements are frequently required here these days.
A Heidelberg-based company has been planning, designing, and building flexible electric heating systems for 40 years, using knowhow and technology from JUMO. For example, the company has long installed certified Pt100 resistance temperature sensors from JUMO with EC type examination certification in flexible explosion-proof heaters.
The temperature signal is evaluated in a control and monitoring device (in this case, the JUMO safetyM STB/STW) operated in or outside the hazardous area, which initiates appropriate measures depending on the design or programming. In this way, not only can the operating temperatures of the process be controlled, but also ignition sources arising in the heating due to uncontrolled excess temperatures can be avoided. In addition to low investment costs, the advantages here are lower parameterization costs per application. 

PCN: Bringing information to the users who need it is crucial, especially in an environment with complex technologies. If customers feel the need for more information about the JSP-portfolio or other Jumo products, what can you offer to them?
In addition to products and solution developments, JUMO Safety Performance focuses above all on its high level of consulting expertise. JUMO employees have been trained as JSP product specialists with an own training concept. They have knowledge in the application of the JUMO safetyM, in temperature, pressure, and level measurement technology, in explosion protection, and of course in functional safety (SIL and PL). The JSP competence team works closely with the JUMO engineering team and is available cross-national with its comprehensive know-how.

PCN: As a brand JSP is relatively young. What can potential customers expect from you and your portfolio in the near future?
 With the measurands temperature, pressure, and level, JUMO Safety Performance already covers a large number of possible applications. Of course, we will continue to launch products on the market that round off the portfolio. For example, we have developed a two-channel Ex-i isolating switching amplifier especially for the level solution. We also see great potential in the further internationalization of the brand via our 25 subsidiaries.