Fluid Quality Sensors for OEM Applications

Innovative fluid property detection for precise media detection and comprehensive monitoring of fluid properties

  • Fluid Quality Sensors for OEM Applications
    Fluid Quality Sensors for OEM Applications

The detection and monitoring of fluid properties is required in many OEM and process applications. Quality degradation over time, concentration measurement, air/gas bubble detection or the determination of the medium itself are just some of the tasks that today require different sensors to achieve the required detection. Now you can do it all with a single sensor with EBE fluid quality sensors. Suitable for gases, liquids, solids and even highly viscous media, EBE's corTEC® sensors can be housed in special hygienic, robust or miniature housings. They provide excellent detection of media properties even without direct contact with the medium.

Simultaneous acquisition of capacitive and conductive measured values

The QCRB sensors provide simultaneous, real-time measurement of capacitive and conductive quantities that previously required the use of two or more instruments. They cover capacitive measurement ranges from 0.1pF to 80pF and enable detection of media with a range of relative permittivities (εr) from vacuum to water and beyond. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the media, an extended conductivity measurement range is available from typ. 0.1 to 200 mS/cm. In addition, the sensors offer real-time calibration to compensate for environmental influences. This ensures high short and long term stability and repeatability. The sensors are ideal for mass production, enabling OEMs to offer high quality analysis on a large scale in a cost-effective manner.

Increasing efficiency and quality 

In industrial and medical applications, EBE fluid quality sensors help meet regulatory requirements, improve health and safety, and increase production efficiency through predictive maintenance and process optimisation. Particularly in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, where strict regulations apply, sensor technology provides valuable real-time data, reducing the need for frequent laboratory testing and minimising associated costs. With corTEC® fluid quality sensors, EBE offers a cost-effective, universal solution for sophisticated detection and analysis of fluid properties in a wide range of industrial applications.