The Gamechanger for Process Industries

Diagnostics for the Network Infrastructure

  • The Gamechanger for Process Industries
    The Gamechanger for Process Industries

In 2018, renowned manufacturers joined forces to start the development of Ethernet-APL - an Ethernet which fulfills the very specific demands of process industries. Three large-scale scalability tests in spring 2023 prove its market maturity and set another milestone in the history of Ethernet-APL.

Nowadays, this technology finds its way into process plants around the globe. Ethernet-APL enables a network infrastructure for seamless access from hazardous areas to the control or board room, providing insights into production quality and status.
It is a flat and reliable technology with high data throughput giving users access to the information of highly diagnosable and configurable devices, even in multiple applications.

An extra layer of diagnostics about the physical layer itself enables personnel to detect and eliminate errors or creeping quality degradation in the installation: diagnostics with Ethernet-APL technology assist users in maintaining production quality and uptime.