Indoor Dust Exposure Monitor

Continuous safety monitoring for working places

  • Indoor Dust Exposure Monitor
    Indoor Dust Exposure Monitor

The ENVEA AirSafe PM is a new measuring instrument to monitor particulate matter exposure such as PM1, PM2.5, PM4.25, PM10 and TSP in indoor ambient air. The device is used to monitor safety levels of air quality for personnel as well as to optimize process and dust control systems. The measured data can also be used by health and safety departments to be proactive in reducing PM concentration and exposure. Using a high-end optical system, the AirSafe PM monitors the air flowing through it, counting particles and defining their sizes. The measured data is treated by a combination of processor-based platform and a unique algorithm. Different particle sizes are measured and classified as PM particles or A or E dust fractions. 

Easy sensor setup

The housing is made of ABS and aluminium, ensuring the sensor robustness for industrial applications. The sensor has a digital output that alarms when the set limit value is exceeded. As the sensor is designed to be used in industrial areas, a 4 … 20 mA analogue output is available to be connected to any PLC. In addition to the usual electric signals, the AirSafe PM is also features Modbus communication protocol. Wireless (WLAN) communication, available on the standard version, allows an easy sensor setup using PC or mobile devices.