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Published since 2004, PCN Europe has become a reference publication in Europe covering the latest industry news, application stories and product news from and for the processing world, including the chemical and pharmaceutical, food and beverage, oil and gas, as well as the rubber and the plastic industry. It is the indispensable source of information for processing professionals to get an update on what is happening in their industry. 

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PCN Europe Magazine

Covering all processing industries

The horizontal scope brings new ideas and reaches new customers. By keeping industry sectors mixed throughout the publication, readers see a variety of products and solutions, increasing their chances of finding new solutions for their needs, from a supplier they did not think of before.


The Content

  • New Products and Innovative Solutions for processing industries
  • Application Stories and Technical Articles show how problems and technical issues can be solved
  • Market Overviews on market developments and trends
  • Trade Show Reports on solutions and newly launched products.
  • Listing of upcoming industry events, shows and conferences.

The short product news articles present the latest developments and are fast and easy to read. Longer articles describe technologies, applications and new solutions in an informative way.


Advertising Opportunities

  • Display Advertising
  • Loose or bound-in inserts
  • Digital Edition Display Advertising Website & Email Marketing

PCN Europe is a leader in the new information universe, concentrating resources for an improved, comprehensive online experience. With over 1 000 featured companies and 4 000 applications and products, is the essential source for processing professionals to source new products, solutions and suppliers:

  • All content is search engine optimized to ensure the highest traffic.
  • IndustrySelect, our proprietary search engine, allows visitors to search on open keywords. Not only on the content of, but also millions of indexed pages from industrial websites. Keyword sponsorship opportunities are available, raising your visibility.
  • Application Stories and Products can be enhanced with data sheets, videos and press releases that users can download or view after registering.
  • Our unique SLI Instant Reader Service is also applied to online content, generating qualified sales leads for our advertisers.


Advertising Opportunities

No matter what type of ad, offers the full choice of online advertising oportunities and multiple ways to reach a first-class audience of processing professionals.

  • Display Advertising: Leaderboards, dog-ears, rectangle ads, skyscraper, buttons...
  • Product in Spotlight homepage product advertising.
  • Sponsored Content
  • Newsletters Banners and Sponsored Content
  • Topical e-Alerts advertising

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