Sensor for Easy Condition Monitoring

Retrofit sensor for many variables

  • Sensor for Easy Condition Monitoring
    Sensor for Easy Condition Monitoring

The multi-function BCM condition monitoring sensor from Balluff sets new benchmarks. For an attractive price systems and machine operators get a compact and easy to retrofit solution for continuous condition monitoring and automated monitoring of limits. The multi-talent detects various physical variables such as vibration in three axes, temperature, humidity, ambient pressure and processes them directly on board. Based on this condition data you can monitor self-defined limits automatically, detect anomalies early, plan service and maintenance in advance, and thereby prevent unplanned stoppages. 

In-sensor pre-procession of data

IO-Link as a communication protocol enables simple and industry-compatible incorporation into the plant and machine environment as well as flexible parameterization. This means how the sensor processes information can be tuned to the specific application. The content of the process data can be freely defined. Up to five measured or pre-processed data can be selected and transmitted cyclically. The data are aggregated and pre-processed in the sensor. This gives the user meaningful information and statistical values for analysis and evaluation purposes without any additional software or detours through separate processor units. For the vibration data - to name just one example - this could consist of root mean square, average or peak-to-peak values. 

Smart and small

Thanks to its dimensions of just 20 mm x 26 mm x 10 mm and a weight of approx. 30 g, this compact condition monitoring sensor can find room in even the tightest mounting spaces. The applications in machines and equipment are then virtually unlimited. With the BCM you get all the relevant information as a basis for implementing modern condition monitoring concepts directly from a single source – or in this case from a single sensor.