Magnetic-Inductive Flow Meter for Food Applications

Hygienic flow measurement with high accuracy

  • Magnetic-Inductive Flow Meter for Food Applications
    Magnetic-Inductive Flow Meter for Food Applications

With the SMF magnetic-inductive flow meter, ifm offers an pertinent solution for the hygienic flow measurement of media presenting variable flow rates through the pipe, such as beer, milk or fruit juice. It goes without saying that the high standards of the food industry are also met. In these environments cleaning processes involving the use of chemicals, rapid temperature changes and hot steam cleaning requiring a minimum temperature of 121°C throughout the entire process, pose significant challenges. What is more, the technology in these environments must be able to withstand vibration and shock without any problems when meters are installed directly behind a pump in the process. The use of magnetic-inductive flow meters, which do not require any mechanical components in the medium and offer a very high level of accuracy for a wide range of different media, has been established for several years to meet these requirements. Covering the multitude of demands, the SM Foodmag magnetic-inductive flow meter easily overcomes all challenges and enables hygienic flow measurement in the food industry.

Multiple parameters in one device

The SM Foodmag offers the measurement of several parameters in one device: flow, total quantity, temperature and conductivity are recorded and output. It also detects whether the measuring pipe is completely filled. There will be a version of the meter with a display and one without a display. ifm relies on an app-based menu and an innovative capacitive pushbutton concept in the sensor, making parameter setting much easier and faster. Compared to touch displays, this concept has no weak points, even when exposed to moisture or when operated with gloves. The user is additionally supported by an installation guide, which is optionally available in the menu. An LED ring indicates the device status as well as any faults or maintenance requirements.

While many flow sensors for the food industry have separate connection cables for power supply and signal transmission, the SM Foodmag is much easier to install with just one connection cable. This reduced wiring complexity also translates into cost savings during installation. In terms of mechanical integration, the manufacturer has taken care to ensure a smooth installation. The SM Foodmag will be available in nominal widths from DN15 to DN150. Standardised process connections, such as weld-in adapters to EN10357, DIN11851 pipe fittings, SMS 1145 fittings, DIN32676 Series A clamp connections and DIN 11864-2 aseptic flanges, ensure the necessary compatibility. ifm also supplies different sealing materials depending on the application and the required approvals. The sensor can communicate via IO-Link, analogue signal 4...20 mA or pulse signal.