Stainless-Steel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

1’’ or 2’’ process connections for measuring ranges up to 1000 l/min

  • Stainless-Steel Ultrasonic Flow Meter
    Stainless-Steel Ultrasonic Flow Meter

In applications where conventional flow meters are affected by components in the measuring pipe, the SU Puresonic is an ideal solution. A typical problem of flow meters that involve moving parts such as a paddle wheel, for example, is that the wheels can become porous and break (a risk that increases over the service life) or that a blockage occurs due to foreign bodies in the medium. What is more, components can be damaged during cleaning and cause the meters to malfunction. The ifm SU Puresonic flow meter works with ultrasonic technology. The ultrasonic transmitter and receiver are placed on the outside of the wall in such a way that the reflection occurs on the opposite inner side of the pipe. This means that no interfering structures are necessary inside the measuring pipe, which is made entirely of stainless steel. Another advantage: the sensor does not require any seals and ensures permanent tightness. The SU Puresonic is equipped with an operating status LED that can signal different status messages: e.g. a deterioration of the signal quality due to air bubbles, particles or deposits, a failure of the electronics or the presence of a short circuit. In addition to green and red, the LED can also light up blue according to Namur NE107 in order to indicate a change in the process.

For water and water-based media

As the SU Puresonic flow meter consists of a stainless steel pipe with no components built in or protruding into it, the customer's choice is very simple. A time-consuming selection of the appropriate meter, for example on the basis of the wetted parts or the sealing materials depending on the process parameters, can be dispensed with. The new flow meter is available in two sizes with process connections of 1" and 2"; the measuring ranges of the two models are 1...240 l/min and 5...1,000 l/min respectively. The measuring accuracy, which is guaranteed over the entire temperature range, is ± 1 % of the measured value / ± 0.5 % of the VMR. Ultra-pure water, water or water-based media containing additives of up to 10% are suitable as media for the SU Puresonic. The new flow meter is therefore mainly used in applications with very pure water, typically based on reverse osmosis in which salts are also removed from the water. The result is so-called demineralised water, which is also used in various water treatment processes.