Robust Miniature Pressure Sensors

Stainless-steel sensor with 1/4 inch process connection

  • Robust Miniature Pressure Sensors
    Robust Miniature Pressure Sensors

The miniature pressure sensors of the ifm PL54 series feature a flush diaphragm seal, directly welded to the sensor with G1/4 thread. The compact and robust housing is made from high-grade stainless steel and has a width across its flats of 19 mm. In addition, the pressure sensors have high protection ratings of IP 67/IP 69K and are thus suitable for use in very harsh environmental conditions. The integrated pressure measuring cell offers a high measuring accuracy of < ±0.5 % and a repeatability of < ±0.05 %. The pressure sensors provide a standard output signal of 4...20 mA and are available with different measuring ranges from 0...60 bar up to 0...400 bar.


The PL54 sensors can be used for pressure measurement in applications without hygienic requirements and where a flush installation without dead spaces is important to prevent any buildup or blockage. This includes viscous media such as adhesives, glue, sealants or foams which can harden in dead spaces. The sensors can also be used in applications with heavily polluted media such as waste water, where their flush installation reliably prevents clogging of the process connection.