Capacitive sensors with IO-Link

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Capacitive sensors with IO-Link
Capacitive sensors with IO-Link
Capacitive sensors with IO-Link
Capacitive sensors with IO-Link

Looking for a way to detect metallic and non-metallic objects or levels in direct media contact? Then the compact capacitive sensors from Balluff with IP 67 protection are the right choice. The shielded versions for flush mounting are ideal for object detection and the non-flush versions for detecting levels. The new M12 generation in the rugged VA-1.4404 housing and PEEK sensing surface stands out with its optimized technical properties. All sensors include an operating-, status- and switching function display 

Central parameter setting

The user can choose between versions with IO-Link interface and a conventional final stage, i.e. normally open or normally closed, each with a push-pull function. Use the Teach line to easily set the sensitivity to the respective application, a feature especially valuable when the sensor is installed at a difficult to access location. The IO-Link versions offer extended functionalities. You can set parameters from a central location and enable simple diagnostics by monitoring the process values. Bottom line: greater 
application security. 

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