Digital Indicator with PLC Function

Multifunctional modular indicator series with high degree of interface connectivity

  • Digital Indicator with PLC Function
    Digital Indicator with PLC Function

The new JUMO meroVIEW digital indicator series displays a wide range of process variables in a precise and vibrant manner. For process control in real-time it offers PLC functionality. 

Different display formats

The new series is available with a five-digit display in the 96 × 48 mm landscape format that is typical of display devices as well as in formats 48 × 48 mm, 48 × 96 mm, and 96 × 96 mm. The flexible adaptation, the customizable device menu, the text-supported operation, the parameterization, and the configuration in 4 languages as well as the quick wiring in PUSH-IN terminal technology make a fast startup and versatile use in different industries possible. 

Up to 5 universal measuring inputs allow the connection of RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, resistance transmitters, resistance potentiometers, and standard signals 0(4) to 20 mA/0(2) to 10 V. Customer-specific linearization with 40 value pairs or a mathematical 4th order polynomial allow individual adaptation to a wide range of sensor signals. Thanks to fast pulse inputs, machine speeds or totalized flow rates (or counting pulses) can also be acquired and displayed.

Variety of interfaces

The modular device concept offers flexible expansion with a wide variance of options. These include digital and analog inputs, outputs, and interfaces as well as a voltage supply for two-wire transmitters. A high degree of connectivity is achieved through the available interfaces, RS485 (Modbus RTU master/slave), Ethernet (Modbus TCP master/slave), and PROFINET device as well as USB host and USB device.

In addition to standard functions such as min/max value, measured value hold, or a tare function for weighing applications, math and logic functions can be used to link analog or digital values, or to implement additional control functions via ST code (structured text). The setup program provides an ST editor and a debug function for ST code programming.