Radar Sensor for Level Measurement

Quick and easy to install device for versatile applications

  • Radar Sensor for Level Measurement
    Radar Sensor for Level Measurement

With VEGAPULS 6X, VEGA radar “thinks” in a new way. The result: A new radar sensor that can measure in every conceivable level application. The times when users had to choose the right level measuring instrument from a multitude of different ones are now history.

Traditionally, the search for a suitable radar level sensor begins by asking which frequency would be best for the specific application, or by determining the properties of the medium, the temperature ranges involved and the process fittings required. Until now, choosing an instrument was a laborious task, but VEGA is now transforming the process completely with its new VEGAPULS 6X. 

Safe and cyber-secure operation 

The new VEGAPULS 6X offers the best that is technically feasible today: a self-diagnosis system that immediately detects damage or interference that ensures significantly higher availability and safety, it has new radar-chip technology, with expanded application possibilities and simpler operation. In addition to SIL certification, the matter of cybersecurity has also been fully taken into account: Compliance with security standard IEC 62443-4-2, which specifies the strictest requirements for secure communication and access control.

Easy to install and setup

Level sensors should make it easier for users to monitor their industrial processes. The ultimate purpose of VEGAPULS 6X is maximum simplification. It is the one sensor that can handle any application. In the future, the customer will no longer have to worry about the technology, frequency or instrument version. Even setup and commissioning has been reduced to a minimum, requiring now just a few clicks and basic application parameters. In many cases, all application-specific settings can be made in VEGAPULS 6X before it leaves the factory. Mount, connect, done: It couldn’t get any simpler.