Versatile High-performance Controls

Bluetooth remote access with tablet or smartphone

  • Versatile High-performance Controls
    Versatile High-performance Controls

Whether in the water/wastewater or building materials industry, processes can be particularly well monitored and represented with large displays and traffic light warning systems. These help operating staff to quickly grasp even complex processes and maintain an overview. A new generation of controllers from VEGA makes level and pressure measurement and control easier and more efficient. The VEGAMET series are designed to be highly visible and ready to use out of the box. The controllers can be installed inside a switching cabinet, in a front panel or stand-alone in the field. The high-contrast display offers options for a clear, well-arranged visualisation of measurement data. The display is particularly large in relation to the small size of the controller itself, which provides an overview that’s really easy to take in – even from a distance and in broad daylight. Via a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth, users can still access the controller from even further away. In this way, they can parameterise the device remotely and monitor measured values away from hazardous zones.

Suitable for outdoor applications

In recent years, the range of tasks controllers have to perform has grown considerably. To meet this challenge, many powerful functions have been packed into the three different housing versions. In addition to managing data acquisition, visualisation and storage, controllers nowadays have to make measured values and histories available at any time and any place. With their multitude of functions, VEGAMET series 140, 340 and 800 controllers also offer more complex tasks such as pump control, flow measurement, totalisation, data logging and calculation, including differential, summing and averaging. Using a smartphone or tablet, the user can very easily and quickly set up and activate any of the diverse functions. When used outdoors, VEGAMET 800 controllers can be fitted with a suitable sun shield to ensure good readability in direct sunlight. If it’s necessary to protect the instrument from vandalism and prying eyes, the display can also be programmed to switch off automatically after two minutes.