Modular Wireless IoT Solution

Intrinsically safe development kits for Oil & Gas Operations

  • Modular Wireless IoT Solution
    Modular Wireless IoT Solution

Aegex Technologies introduces its globally certified intrinsically safe IoT sensor solution, NexVu, which collects and analyzes diverse contextual operations data and legacy equipment data. NexVu is a modular array of intrinsically safe IoT sensors, configurable in thousands of combinations of more than 60 different sensor nodes to allow users to monitor conditions of their choice surrounding their offshore operations. NexVu arrays are wireless and can connect an organization’s legacy sensors or other equipment along with NexVu sensors in combinations of up to 32 simultaneous nodes per array to gain contextual data. 

Organizing predictive maintenance

NexVu data can be viewed safely in hazardous environments on Aegex tablets and shared among teams in offshore operations, or can be viewed offsite in data centers, eliminating the need for physical field inspections. Detecting gas leaks along with vibration, temperature or other conditions in context can give detailed insight into operations, helping operators prevent issues before the happen, or mitigate problems before they worsen. Better contextual data and meaningful insights via NexVu can help organizations devise preventative maintenance schedules, alert about anomalies or predict potential emergencies. The NexVu Developer’s Kit includes an aegex 10 intrinsically safe tablet, docking station, several sensor nodes and communication equipment to test the ease of modularity, installation and integration of the system. The NexVu Dev Kit is for demonstration and testing purposes only.