Wireless Heavy-Duty Transmitter

Pressure measurement with different pressure port options

  • Wireless Heavy-Duty Transmitter
    Wireless Heavy-Duty Transmitter

BCM’s Model 226T Wireless Pressure Transmitters are developed from 225T Heavy-duty Pressure Transmitter for remote wireless applications. In hazardous conditions or places where no power supply is available, the 226T is useful, e.g., in oil wells, other applications where  explosive gas is present or at places which are either dangerous to people and/or no power supply is available. To fit to such applications, the housing of 226T is sealed tightly to meet the requirements for explosion proof of Exd IIC T5 Gb, Exia IIB T4 Ga and for environment protection of IP66.

Low power consumption

For different remote distances and data transmission rates, model 226T is manufactured to have different wireless communication protocols, like LoRa (Long Range) or Zigbee. LoRa is one of LPWAN (low-power wide-area-network) protocols and is suitable for longer distances (up to kilometers). Zigbee on the other hand is suitable for communication in shorter ranges, up to a few hundred meters.

To fit various pressure media, three types of pressure port (type-A, -B and -C) are available. Type-A (so-called inner cavity) has its pressure diaphragm located inside the port. This type of pressure port is designed to measure gases or dilute liquids. Type-B (so-called flush diaphragm) has its pressure diaphragm in front of the pressure port and is suitable for measuring viscous fluids, fluids with particles or paste, so that the pressure medium can be flush-washed away from the surface of the diaphragm. Type-C (so-called tri-clamp) has no thread and can be connected via a clamp. This type of pressure port is designed for application in either pharmaceutical or food industries.