MODBUS Transmitter With Dual Universal Inputs

Multi-Drop of up to 32 units to single communication link

  • MODBUS Transmitter With Dual Universal Inputs
    MODBUS Transmitter With Dual Universal Inputs

Moore Industries announces the new TMZ PC-Programmable MODBUS Transmitter with Dual Universal Input channels. The TMZ Dual Universal Input (2PRG) model accepts most industry standard current, voltage, RTD and thermocouple type sensors along with resistance and potentiometer inputs. It allows users to increase density and reduce costs by doubling monitoring capability in a single unit.

Increased sensor density

Since the Dual Universal Input (2PRG) model has a digital MODBUS output, the error typically associated with Analog-to-Digital converters for units with analog outputs is eliminated. Plus, the MODBUS output includes the measurement signal from both input channels, allowing the host to use the data for averaging, differential, or sensor backup monitoring schemes. Up to 32 Dual Universal Input TMZs can be multi-dropped onto a single low-cost communication link (such as a twisted wire pair) without repeaters, thus eliminating the need to run a dedicated wire for each signal. Installing dual channel TMZs in a multidrop network provides increased sensor density and delivers significant savings on installation, cable, conduit, connection, and wire tray costs.

The TMZ is also available in single input models, the TMZ PC-Programmable MODBUS Signal Converter (HLPRG input version) and the TMZ PC-Programmable MODBUS Temperature Transmitter (TPRG input version). All of the TMZ models feature long-term stability (5 years), 20-bit input resolution, isolation, and RFI/EMI protection. Since the measurement is delivered to your control system as a digital signal, the output error produced by a traditional analog transmitter is eliminated.