Field-Mount Enclosure

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Flexible protection for instruments in harsh environments

Explosion Protection & Safety

Field-Mount Enclosure
Field-Mount Enclosure

Moore Industries’ D-BOX Field-Mount Enclosure for Head-Mount & Hockey-Puck Instruments can handle a wide array of instrumentation including meters, temperature transmitters, indicators, pressure, level and flow transmitters, integrators, and other head-mount and hockey-puck instruments. The D-BOX is made with high-impact materials that protect instruments even when installed in harsh field conditions. Designed to meet Type 4X, IP66 ratings, the D-BOX is resistant to ultraviolet rays and chemicals. The D-BOX replaces costly Explosion-Proof enclosures at a fraction of the cost and meets standards for enclosing indoor and outdoor electronic instruments.  The D-BOX meets standards for enclosing indoor and outdoor electronic instruments approved for use in both Intrinsically-Safe and Non-Incendive areas (US and Canada) or Ex ia, ib and ic areas (Europe and International).

Flexible hardware options

The D-BOX can be ordered with a variety of options, ports, and body heights. The D-BOX is available with single 1/2-inch entry port NPT female conduit fitting or dual 1/2-inch entry port NPT female conduit fittings. Models without entry ports and conduit fittings are also available. Solid or clear covers are offered as well as high body or low body heights. Lightweight and rugged, the D-BOX conveniently installs on a surface or 2-inch pipe.

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