Adopt a Standardized IIoT Ecosystem for Industry 4.0

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Industry 4.0

Adopt a Standardized IIoT Ecosystem for Industry 4.0
Adopt a Standardized IIoT Ecosystem for Industry 4.0

Open automation manufacturing initiatives like Industry 4.0, and the IIoT are growing rapidly and so is the industry’s need for standardized, data-centric, mobile and secure platforms supporting new and existing automation infrastructure through a smart, connected automation ecosystem of integrated machines and devices.

FDT Group’s new white paper provides insight into the comprehensive standards-based FDT 3.0 IIoT ecosystem supporting open and secure automation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The FDT Server architecture empowers standardized built-in mobility and remote access; native OPC Unified Architecture (UA) integration; robust security; and platform independence, while still leaving the manufacturer in control of customizing their solutions.

Now is the time to adopt FDT and evolve enabling solutions innovating business models, asset management practices and predictive maintenance programs while providing workforce satisfaction for the new era of automation.

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Posted on April 21, 2021 - (550 views)
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