ACHEMA 2012 - Flow meter

for metering the flow-through of a pulsing flow

  • ACHEMA 2012 - Flow meter
    ACHEMA 2012 - Flow meter

With ProMinent's flow meter DulcoFlow the flow-through of a non-continuous flow and the amount of liquid which has flowed through in a pulsing flow regime can reliably and precisely be determined and monitored.

The flow meter is based on the ultrasonic measurement method. It measures all liquid media without any media contact. Media contacting parts are manufactured using chemically resistant PVDF/PTFE. This ensures that aggressive media can also be measured without problem. The instrument is installed directly in the pipe of the medium being measured, with nominal widths 6/4, 8/5 or 12/9 mm being available.

The principle behind the flow meter is time of flight measurement. Operation without moving parts guarantees a long service life and wear-free operation. The measurement range is between 0.1 and 50 litres per hour. Dependent on the measurement range, the accuracy during calibrated operation is < 2 %.

A two-line display, status LEDs and membrane keys ensure simple operation. The actual flow or the quantity which has flowed can be shown in litres or gallons on the LC display. Likewise, the current pump stroke rate can be displayed. The four keys affixed on the front side are used to adjust and program the instrument. Two LEDs provide information about the current instrument status as well as the measurement status.

The IP65 protection class of the instrument is suitable for wall mounting. A wide range power unit for 100-253 V AC/DC ensures the instrument can be used worldwide with all power supply networks