Frequency Inverter Solutions for Pumps

Minimising downtimes with predictive maintenance

  • Frequency Inverter Solutions for Pumps
    Frequency Inverter Solutions for Pumps

The Kostal Inveor MPP and MPM frequency inverter solutions are now equipped with the "Vibration Monitoring" function as standard. During operation, the system can be monitored for irregularities caused by vibration. This often indicates progressive wear and imminent failure of mechanical components. The data is collected and can be further processed via MQTT. For the user, this is the gateway to predictive maintenance, which enables them to prevent unexpected failures and minimise downtime costs.

The use of the Inveor frequency inverter opens up cost-cutting potential both in terms of acquisition and commissioning as well as over the entire service life of the system.

Freedom of choice for motors 

The Inveor gives the user the greatest possible degree of freedom when configuring the drive system, as the drive controller is suitable for all types of motor. This means they can plan for the future and are less dependent on rare earths. Savings can also be made on acquisition costs, as the Inveor can optimally control any brand of motor, meaning that users are not forced to buy a more expensive system consisting of motor and inverter from the same supplier.

The Inveor frequency inverter is designed to be mounted directly onto the motor. Plug & Play creates a modular unit consisting of motor, gearbox and inverter it. Thanks to the large selection of adapter plates, any motor can be adapted. There is also the option of wall adaptation. Cost savings are achieved by eliminating the need for a control cabinet and long motor cables with appropriate shielding

Savings over the entire service life

The Inveor frequency inverters guarantee maximum efficiency in the operation of the drivetrain. Thanks to the optimised topology of the power electronics in combination with a unique control method, the Inveor ensures optimum energy utilisation, regardless of which motor technology is in use.

The sensorless control process is able to optimally recognise the rotor position and reliably control the motor, even at low speeds right up to standstill, without switching to control mode. This also saves energy. All in all, the Inveor frequency inverter is significantly better than required by the Ecodesign Directive.

The Inveor frequency inverters also have basic pump protection functions such as dry-running protection and blockage detection. An immediate switch-off and error message protects the motor and frequency inverter.

A multi-pump function is also on board. Up to 6 pumps can be controlled in a master-slave network. This ensures even wear of the pumps, taking into account the operating hours, and guarantees a constant supply pressure even with fluctuating delivery quantities. The auxiliary master function ensures high availability even if the master fails. At the same time, the fail-safety and reliability of the entire drive system is increased.

Advantages of sensorless control

Inveor frequency inverters control all motors completely without the use of a rotor position encoder. This saves the customer the costs for encoders, including installation, maintenance and interface. Without a sensor, the system is more fail-safe, heavy-duty capable, dynamic, safe and durable.