Modular Control System for Automated Sensor Cleaning

Flexibly expandable solution that is suitable for use with static and retractable fittings

  • Modular Control System for Automated Sensor Cleaning
    Modular Control System for Automated Sensor Cleaning

In many measurement applications, pH sensors are exposed to contamination, corrosion and abrasion. To ensure functionality, the sensors must be cleaned regularly. However, in many applications, a fully automated sensor maintenance system has not yet been economical.

Modular automatic sensor cleaning

With the Uniclean 700 series, Knick introduces a modular control system that can be installed very quickly and cost-effectively as a flexible entry-level solution for automated sensor cleaning. With its innovative concept and focused functionality, the Uniclean 700 complements the portfolio of Uniclean 900 and Unical 9000 controllers, which are used in Knick's established cCare system for fully automated cleaning and calibration.

Flexible configuration 

The modular design of the individual components gives the customer a high degree of flexibility. However, the compact design makes installation very easy. With the Uniclean 700 control systems, Knick offers the user a flexible and expandable solution that is suitable for use with both static and retractable valves. The valves can be operated pneumatically or, in the near future, hydraulically.

The cost-effective solution is used in waste water treatment plants and in the metal processing industry. This is where heavy soiling and high sensor wear are encountered. The Uniclean 700 series also excels in the food industry. In sugar factories, for example, sensors often become encrusted.

Entry-level solution for pH sensors

With the new series, Knick offers an entry-level system for automatic cleaning of pH sensors, which is valuable in many industries. Unlike the Uniclean 900, the Uniclean 700 models do not require the special control programme in the Protos transmitter. The cleaning process can be triggered by a simple switching signal, such as the relay contact of a Stratos Multi and Protos II, or by a simple push-button. The Uniclean 700 series also works with third party transmitters or fittings.

The modular design allows for easy conversions when needed. This means that cleaning control systems can be quickly adapted to process changes.

Used components can be reused and valves, for example, can be replaced quickly and easily. All necessary parts are available separately so that the final configuration of the Uniclean 710 and 720 can be carried out on site. The Uniclean 730 is supplied fully assembled and ready to use.