Transmitter Module for Different Process Sensors

Measurements from up to six sensors on one transmitter

  • Transmitter Module for Different Process Sensors
    Transmitter Module for Different Process Sensors

In numerous process-related tasks, many parameters must be recorded simultaneously in order to monitor and control the process. This can be achieved in a space-saving and cost-efficient manner using a solution from Knick: With the new MSU4400-180 module for the Protos II 4400(X) transmitter, users can now connect up to three Memosens sensors simultaneously. And since the transmitter has space for two of these modules, a total of up to six sensors is possible. This means, an existing measuring point can be expanded without the need for an additional transmitter. Memosens sensors for the measured variables pH value, ORP, conductivity or oxygen concentration can be connected. The sensor’s parameter settings can be configurated directly on the transmitter in the proven manner; alternatively, the settings can also be made conveniently with the ProgaLog 4000 PC configuration tool. 

The high-resolution graphic display of the Protos II provides the most important information about sensor condition, and maintenance requirements of all connected Memosens sensors at a glance. The sensor diagram allows the operator to monitor all relevant sensor data, such as zero-point, slope, impedances, operating time, wear, calibration interval, etc. Messages for maintenance or failure of a sensor, for example, are output in accordance with NE107. During measurement, the display can show the last 100 measured values. The logbook integrated in the transmitter additionally records at least 20,000 entries with time stamp, status, and messages. The device configuration and the status data of the sensors can be read out via the configuration software and thus easily documented. 

Connection to the PCS via PROFINET

All measurement and diagnostic data can be transmitted to a higher-level PCS (process control system) via PROFINET. The communication module PN4400-095 is used for this purpose, which is plugged into the third slot of the transmitter. Alternatively, communication modules for PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus are also available. A connection to the control technology is also possible via analog inputs and outputs (0/4 ... 20 mA) as well as four floating relay contacts.

With its high modularity and the possibility to operate up to six Memosens sensors on one device, the Protos II is one of the most powerful transmitters on the market and the only 4-wire device for hazardous areas. Thus, the transmitter can be used in a wide range of industries, including energy, wastewater, chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology, as well as food and beverage industries.