Sensor Adapter with Lock Function Enables Safe and Thorough Cleaning

Adapter for locking and cleaning of sensors in immersion fittings

  • Sensor Adapter with Lock Function Enables Safe and Thorough Cleaning
    Sensor Adapter with Lock Function Enables Safe and Thorough Cleaning

The cleaning of sensors is a central aspect in the monitoring of different process parameters. However, proper cleaning is particularly difficult in wastewater monitoring, where the sensor technology used in the liquid quickly becomes contaminated. Even immersion fittings reach their limits in this case. The new Knick sensor adapter ARD75 with gate function provides a remedy and ensures thorough cleaning without interfering with the process.

In the chemical treatment of wastewater, hard means are used. Among other things, companies often use milk of lime to neutralize the very acidic wastewater. The problem is that the sensors, which are supposed to monitor the process in the water itself, can be covered with a layer of lime within a few minutes, This severely impairs the sensor’s function. Until now, users have had several options to counter this problem: They could use the cleaning nozzles of the immersion fittings used, which measure directly in the process. However, cleaning liquid not only splashes against the sensor but also enters the process. Another disadvantage is that this way of cleaning is insufficient. For this reason, users have resorted to removing the sensor from the immersion assembly and cleaning it manually. This is very costly and time-consuming. As an alternative, companies could use a retractable fitting, but the investment is associated with higher costs.

Reliable separation of cleaning and process medium

The industry is therefore looking for a way to carry out the sensor cleaning process without manual interruption inside the surrounding medium. The solution lies in a sensor adapter with lock function that works in combination with established immersion fittings: Through the airlock, the cleaning of the sensors takes place completely separated from the medium in a cleaning chamber. Due to the plastic material used, the fitting is metal-free and can thus also be used in highly corrosive processes. No process media can escape from the fitting during the sensor movement. This increases occupational safety in the process and protects the environment.

Safety even in aggressive processes

Users who already use immersion fittings, but are not satisfied with the cleaning performance, benefit most from the sensor adapter with gate function. In addition, the adapter is suitable for use in highly aggressive processes that require very frequent and thorough cleaning of the sensors. The cleaning chamber acts as protection. Users who only use sensors for short-term measurements can keep the sensor safe and cleaned in this chamber during the non-measurement phases. But even if the process must be monitored permanently, the sensor adapter offers the solution: If two sensor adapters are used redundantly, one fitting measures the measured value to be observed while the sensor is cleaned in the second fitting. After a few minutes, the two devices alternate. In this way, even the most persistent lime deposits on sensors in wastewater neutralization can be removed.