Sensor for Combined pH and ORP Measurement

For demanding monitoring and control applications in the chemical industry and the food sector.

  • Sensor for Combined pH and ORP Measurement
    Sensor for Combined pH and ORP Measurement

The chemical and food industries require the highest quality and safety from their processes, both in terms of production and the treatment of the resulting wastewater. A smooth production process in real time is ensured through the use of appropriate process sensors. With the SE555X/*-AMSN sensor, Knick presents a solution for the combined measurement of pH and ORP in demanding applications. Bringing pH and ORP measurements together in a single sensor provides the user with greater flexibility. At the same time, the sensor requires little maintenance and is also suitable for inline measurements in tough environments.

Flexible and space-saving sensor

The SE555X/*-AMSN sensor unites Knick’s SE555 pH and SE565 ORP sensors in one measurement sequence. The combination saves space in the production environment, as just one installation location is required. The sensor also reduces the amount of additional equipment required, such as cables, fittings, or transmitters. The combined pH and ORP sensor is based on the SE555 pH sensor, in which an additional platinum disk embedded in the side of the glass shaft enables measurement of ORP. ORP sensors are used to detect the presence of redox-active reactants. Platinum is recommended as an electrode material for this purpose, since precious metals do not interfere with the redox process themselves. Platinum is also strongly resistant to aggressive media, allowing the sensor to also be used in challenging processes such as chlor-alkali electrolysis or in chemical wastewater.

The SE555X/*-AMSN was developed for the demanding requirements in the chemical industry, the food sector, and for hygienic applications. This results in a wide range of potential applications. The sensor can be used as required – the user can use both the pH and the ORP values for process monitoring and control, or just one of these measuring parameters can be used for this purpose.

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