Atex-Certified Wireless Pressure Transmitter

For measurements of absolute and gage pressure up to 1.000 bar

  • Atex-Certified Wireless Pressure Transmitter
    Atex-Certified Wireless Pressure Transmitter

With the wireless Amsys M5601 with Bluetooth communication practically all monitoring processes for pressures of up to 1,000 bar can be reliably remotely controlled. What’s special about this sensor is its explosion-proof ATEX and CSA HazLoc (IECEx) certification that enables it to be used in hazardous environments.

Whether for the measurement of air, gas or oil pressure in plant areas that are difficult to access, for mobile maintenance work with logging of measurement data or for more reliability through predictive maintenance, this sensor transmits measurement data quickly and reliably via Bluetooth. Precise pressures and temperatures can be immediately retrieved on the app for Android™ 4.3 or iOS 7 and higher versions. Battery lives of over two years are no longer a problem thanks to the energy-saving BLE 4.2 protocol. With the M5601 AMSYS provides a media-resistant Bluetooth sensor for the measurement of absolute and gage pressure. As it is IP65 certified, it also qualifies for use in harsh ambient conditions. Measurable maximum pressures lie between 70 and 1,000 bar (also available as the M5600 without ATEX certification for smaller pressures starting at 3.5 bar).

Available with different pressure connectors

The pressure transmitters are powered by a CR2032/CR2050W button cell and can be read out using an app or PC software for Windows® XP/7 and higher. They measure the gage or absolute pressure independently of the media. The latter device is configured as a sealed gage relative to a trapped volume, whereas the gage and compound version outputs the measurement relative to atmospheric pressure – the compound version also with negative pressure. All versions are available with various pressure connectors

Wireless M5601 pressure transmitters are recommended for their robustness, good long-term stability and numerous protective functions for demanding industrial applications. The medium only comes into contact with 17-4 PH stainless steel (1.4542); no internal O-ring is used! This allows all oils, including gasoline and other fuels, to be measured. They can even be used in contaminated water, steam and slightly corrosive liquids. Parallel to the M5601 AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG also supplies a pressure transmitter for smaller pressure ranges of up to 350 mbar or 35 bar – the U5601 – that is distinguished by its high accuracy and also has ATEX and various other internationally recognized certification for intrinsic safety. These sensors do not need any internal seals yet do have an oil cavity behind the stainless-steel membrane to transmit pressure to a silicon MEMS chip.