Compact Dehumidification System for Climate Control

Versatile and energy-efficient system in 20 configurable sizes

  • by Munters
  • July 14, 2021
  • Compact Dehumidification System for Climate Control
    Compact Dehumidification System for Climate Control

The DSS Pro from Munters represents an evolutionary leap forward from the Munters DSS system, with performance upgrades that make a real difference. It will provide users the right climate more efficiently than ever before. Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, Munters DSS Pro is designed for a wide range of industries that demand dehumidification efficiencies such as pharmaceutical, food, and battery applications.

Saving up to 30% of energy

Equipped with the Munters custom configured control system, the DSS Pro offers full function integration, delivering the perfect climate whenever and wherever it´s needed. It comes in twenty configurable sizes with three different desiccant rotor types. The DSS Pro offers key energy-saving features. It consumes up to 30% less energy with its Green PowerPurge™ and when it’s time to transition to renewable energy the DSS Pro is ready for a seamless switch. Another positive energy saving feature is the new AirPro casing, an innovative enclosure that significantly improves durability, reduces air leakage, and reduces energy consumption.

When it comes to size, the DSS Pro offers a reduced physical footprint, which makes the system more convenient to install and can free up much-needed space that can be used to generate revenue.