Detectable and Highly Resistant Identification Solutions

Ensuring a high level of safety in the food and beverage industry

  • Detectable and Highly Resistant Identification Solutions
    Detectable and Highly Resistant Identification Solutions

To ensure that hygienic standards are maintained, production facilities are cleaned several times a day. The Phoenix Contact markings remain legible due to their high chemical resistance and the material is not affected. For rapid visual identification, the identification solutions are blue. This makes them stand out particularly well, and they are noticed instinctively more quickly. Another advantage of the products is their detectability. This enables them to be detected with a metal detector during final inspections. 

Labels with a powerful adhesive system are available for devices and systems with textured surfaces. The adhesive with good resistance to chemicals spreads better throughout the structure of the surfaces and produces high adhesive strength for permanent identifications. Detectable laminate labels provide another marking option. Here, a laminate is bonded over the printing, protecting it from external influences.
Phoenix Contact thus provides a comprehensive marking portfolio for cable and conductor identification as well as device and system identification for the demanding food and beverage industry.