Hygienic Machine Locks

Quarter-turns for easy access at food industry equipment

  • Hygienic Machine Locks
    Hygienic Machine Locks

Appearance and preference are crucial factors in the food industry. However, in order to produce the right product, state-of-the-art machinery and a sterile working environment are critical. And there is no reason why hygiene and modern design cannot go hand in hand, as EMKA and the renowned food machinery manufacturer Seydelmann from Aalen, Germany recently have proven. EMKA will equip eight types of Seydelmann machines with quarter-turn latches and locks. Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG has been driving the development, production and sale of high-quality, high-performance cutters, mixers, grinders and ultra-fine shredders for the production of sausage and meat products for 175 years.

Retrofit solution with high protection class

Since the hygiene regulations in the food industry are immensely high and new certifications are always necessary, it was essential to optimise specific machine components. The EMKA hygiene quarter-turn provided to be the optimal solution for a mix of price/performance, as the lock can be integrated into existing machines with little effort. The quarter-turn complies with protection class IP69K. It is dustproof, even at low vacuum in the housing (<= 20mbar) and waterproof from four spray directions. The stainless steel components are robust and easy to clean, and can withstand the jet of a high-pressure cleaner, for example, to enable efficient “cleaning in place”. Seydelmann’s project manager Jochen Goos, MBA Operations Manager, and Johannes Wamsler, Design Manager, were particularly impressed by the time-saving aspect. “Thanks to the EMKA quarter-turns, we can now install and uninstall our machine linings much more quickly and easily, especially during maintenance work. We save a lot of time and can concentrate on other core tasks” says Jochen Goos.