Leak-Proof Gaskets

Metal gaskets with 10-year guarantee for gas-tightness

  • Leak-Proof Gaskets
    Leak-Proof Gaskets

“For any industrial operation where liquids or gases are transported through pipe infrastructure, fugitive emissions are an acute problem. They can lead to serious environmental, personal and economic harm, damaging reputations and severely impacting on productivity and profitability. At Pipeotech we view any leak as unacceptable… and we believe facility owners and operators should have the opportunity to do the same. With DeltaV-Seal we have the technology to deliver complete, long-term pipeline integrity,” explains Pipeotech CEO Henrik Sollie. 

Tight from very low to high temperatures

DeltaV-Seal launched in 2015 and has gone on to prove its efficacy in sectors ranging from oil and gas, to chemical processing, maritime, pharmaceuticals, and food and drink production. The secret of its success lies in its design as a CNC-manufactured one-piece metal gasket featuring sharp sealing ‘rings’ that deform upon installation to form a perfect fit with flanges. Its construction from the same metal as the flanges it mates with ensures a permanent seal that is gas tight, fire and blow out safe, capable of withstanding any temperature (both high and cryogenic), and one that will not disintegrate over the long-term. Furthermore, it never needs retightening, ensuring less pipeline maintenance and complete peace of mind. The DeltaV-Seal is type approved by DNV GL and trusted by a range of market leading industrial players, including VARD, Avista Oil, GE Healthcare, Quantafuel and Primagas. Pipeotech’s 10-year guarantee covers all gaskets made in the materials, size and pressure classes covered by DNV GL certification.