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Pentair Sta-Rite delivers booster Sets with UL-778 pumps

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Riyadh metro is a rapid transit system under construction in the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is part of the Riyadh Public Transport Project (RPTP) and will be 176 km long with six lines and 85 stations. The new metro system is expected to fulfil the demands of the growing population, as well as reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality. All products installed in the infrastructure of this mega-project have to meet the highest quality require- ments. Pentair Sta-Rite delivered booster-, transfer- and circulation sets with UL-778 pumps to ensure the supply of fresh water in the sanitary areas, kitchens and prayer ablution rooms of all the stations. The sets will boost and maintain the water pressure level. The Sta-Rite sets are built with higher specification (UL-778 certified: that safety standard covers submersible and nonsub- mersible motor-operated pumps intended to be used in ordinary locations in accordance with the National Electrical Code, NFPA  70 ), flood resistant and allow a customized adaptation due to electrical and mechanical requirements. Further information is available on the website. 

Posted on April 20, 2020 - (35 views)
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