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Cooper Crouse-Hinds has launched a range of protective collars for use on its Ex 41 series of explosion-protected pushbutton actuators. The metal protective collar attachments are suitable for use on GHG41, GHG43 and GHG44 series of emergency stop pushbuttons and enclosures, which are designed for use in hazardous gas or dust environments.

Once fitted to the EX 41 pushbutton actuator, the collars prevent machine operators or plant personnel from inadvertently activating the emergency stop button, which if pushed, could lead to costly downtime of the plant process or could increase the risk of injury to plant personnel.

The collars are designed in such a way that inadvertent operation of the pushbutton is impossible. Two cut-outs in the collar enable easy, rapid release of the pushbutton. Depending on the particular design of the actuator, release is activated either by a key or manually by simply turning/pulling the button. The collars are also available as a retrofit kit. The collars are designed for use in ambient temperatures from -55 to 55ºC. The collars are available in two colours: red or yellow, to suit every emergency or safety installation requirements.