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    Screw pump

Colfax Fluid Handling will begin deliveries of a new screw pump for lubricating liquids. The series covers a wide capacity range with a variety of installation variations. The pumps are suitable even for rough operating conditions.

The "CFH M" series is suited for pumping all types of lubricating liquids like lubricating and hydraulic oils. Six sizes cover a capacity range from 40 to 880l/min. with a maximum discharge pressure of 100 bar. The temperature of the liquid may be as high as 100°C; permissible viscosity is between 3 and 760 mm2/s. Innovative materials permit usage even under rough operating conditions, such as intermittent operation. The new pumps are available in dry-mounted as well as tank-installation versions with a strainer. Preparation for installation of a suction pipe is optional.

The CFH M series gives plant operators the convenience of using a single series of pumps to optimally handle a wide variety of pumping tasks for lubricating liquids. This simplifies stockkeeping of spare parts and makes maintenance much easier.