Spot IR Thermometer for Superior Safety and Precision

Accurate object targeting at long distances with a 30:1 distance to spot ratio

  • Spot IR Thermometer for Superior Safety and Precision
    Spot IR Thermometer for Superior Safety and Precision

Teledyne FLIR presents a new spot IR thermometer, the FLIR TG56-2. It provides professionals in utility, manufacturing, building electricians, and industrial mechanics with an advanced tool to perform accurate inspections and detect hazards before any contact is made. 

For contact and non-contact measurement 

For those dealing with higher temperature readings, the FLIR TG56-2 measures IR temperature up to 1300°C (2372°F) and includes a Type K thermocouple for contact temperature measurements. The TG56-2 is also designed to offer non-contact temperature measurements from an safe distance, thanks to its infrared technology, 30:1 distance-to-spot ratio and Class II laser sighting. The TG56-2's color display screen is designed for easy viewing of current and reference temperature readings simultaneously. It allows to adjust settings quickly and set high/low alarms to efficiently perform inspections. Up to 99 measurement points can be stored internally and can be quickly referenced for comparison and trending. With the ergonomic ‘Single Hand’ design for simplified measurements and menu access handling the device is really simple.