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Alicat Scientific Europe

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Unit 2 College Park

CB1 3HD Cambridge

Tel.: +44-7736455587

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Air Pollution Analyzer Calibrators

April 2017

Air Pollution Analyzer Calibrators

To create precise gas concentrations from high parts per million (PPM) to low parts per billion (PPB)

Valco Instruments Company Inc. (VICI), the analytical instrumentation specialist, selected Alicat Scientific as one of its preferred suppliers...

Single Mass Flow Controllers with Multiple Parameters

September 2016

Single Mass Flow Controllers with Multiple Parameters

Alicat Scientific’s instruments offer mass flow, volumetric flow, pressure and temperature control, which are simultaneously visible via the on-board display

One of the most important things for users when it comes to controllers, is the possibility to select and change their preferred control method...


December 2016

Portable Mass Flow Meter

Alicat’s portable flow calibrators make this procedure more palatable by reducing the downtime and disruption to your process


September 2016

Mass Flow Controllers

Alicat Scientific makes the world's fastest mass flow meters, mass flow controllers and pressure controllers

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