TIM Global Media BV

140 Rue de Stalle 3ème Étage

1180 Uccle-Brussels - Belgium

+32- (0)23186737


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TIMGlobal Media (formerly Thomas Industrial Media) concentrates fully upon meeting the vital need of industry for up-to-date product information.
Our goal is to bring buyers and suppliers together and to be the solution provider for the whole industrial buying process.
We achieve this by creating awareness, supporting the identification of new suppliers, providing up-to-date product and vendor information and offering measurable benefits to advertisers and users.
Advertising in TIMGlobal Media products is a great way to promote your business. We will cater for all your business needs throughout Europe by offering you a fully customisable offer between print, online and e-mail media, all across the world. Our media packages will maximise the value of your media buy.