Abrasion-proof hose

for the food and pharmaceutical industries

  • Abrasion-proof hose
    Abrasion-proof hose

The BARDUC PUR-INOX 382 MHF by Norres is a highly abrasion-proof suction and transport hose for the food and pharmaceutical industries. It provides an ideal alternative for achieving a high throughput of abrasive solids in these applications. It boasts high tensile strength and tear resistance. Owing to its axial strength and its high pressure, vacuum and compression resistance, the hose is universally suited for a multitude of applications.

Although a super-heavy model, the hose is remarkably flexible. It has optimized flow properties and very smooth interior and exterior surfaces. The smoothness of the interior wall lies behind numerous benefits, such as the very high delivery rate. Pressure loss is avoided, leading to reduced blower power and lower operating costs. Moreover, the delivered material is transported particularly gently. The virtual elimination of wear during the transport process results in a longer service life.

The hose can be used at all temperatures from -40°C to approximately +90°C without any problems. It even withstands up to +125°C for short periods. The wall is food grade in line with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010 as well as EU Directive 2002/72/EC, including amending Directives 2008/39/EC and 975/2009, German Recommendation XXXIX BfR polyurethane. Furthermore, it has been approved by an independent testing laboratory for the complete hose according to EU Directive 2002/727/EC, including amending Directives 2008/39/EC and 975/2009. It contains neither softeners nor halogens.

The hose features a spring steel wire firmly embedded in the wall; made from stainless steel, this wire can be earthed so that it is capable of electrostatic discharge according to TRBS 2153 (formerly BGR 132). It has smooth interior and exterior surfaces; its wall is made from special premium ether-polyurethane with a thickness of approximately 4 to 6mm, depending on the hose diameter.