Air / Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter

Achieve high accuracy +/- 0.75% of reading

  • Air / Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter
    Air / Gas Thermal Mass Flow Meter

The QuadraTherm® 640i is an accurate insertion-probe thermal mass flow meter for air / gas mass flow rate measurement, achieving gas mass flow rate accuracy, +/- 0.75% of reading above 50% of full scale. The QuadraTherm 640i air / gas mass flow meter marks an accuracy breakthrough in thermal dispersion technology achieving extreme precision with "percent of reading" accuracy, which for the first time rivals accuracies of Coriolis technology for measuring gas mass flow rate.


Flare gas mass flow meter application tech note

Each QuadraTherm thermal flow meter comes with on board qMix(tm) gas mixing software which allows you to create custom gas mixtures in the field to compensate for gas compositional changes-no costly recalibration needed. Perfect for managing changes in flare gas composition in the field for upstream oil & gas flare gas measuring applications and others.