Built-in panels

in stainless steel design

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    Built-in panels

Built-in panels in a stainless steel design comply with the stringent requirements of the food, packaging and medical industries. The built-in Panel PCs of the CP62xx series and the built-in Control Panels of the CP66xx and CP69xx series are optionally available with stainless steel front and flush-mounted touch screen. Thanks to the largely gapless finish they prevent moisture deposits and contamination. The panels are available in 5.7-, 12-, 15- or 19-inch versions. In addition, a custom front laminate is available that enables them to be mounted flush in control cabinets. They offer versatile application options, ranging from simple panels to complete control hardware in conjunction with TwinCAT automation software, with the same dimensions as the existing models.

–    The CP69xx built-in Control Panel with DVI/USB Extended connection
      can be operated up to 50m away from the PC.

–    The CP66xx built-in Control Panel with Ethernet port and
      Intel IXP420 processor can be used as an independent Panel PC,       
      remote desktop display or server terminal.

–    The CP62xx built-in Panel PC offers a complete control hardware  
      in conjunction with TwinCAT. Processor choices include Intel Atom,
      for example, which enables configuration of a fanless Panel PC thanks
      to low heat dissipation.

The stainless steel built-in panels as well as the stainless steel mounting arm panels in IP 65 protection are very compact, robust and customisable. The 12-, 15- and 19-inch built-in panels can optionally be equipped with an IP 67 USB port. In addition, custom adaptations such as a modified front laminate are possible.