Chemical Industry: Solutions for Boosting the Reliability of Systems

Du Pont will be showcasing at ACHEMA a range of sustainable and innovative solutions to enhance the efficiency of the chemical manufacturing systems

  • The DuPont presence at Achema 2015 will focus on innovative solutions for boosting the safety and reliability of chemical industry systems.
    The DuPont presence at Achema 2015 will focus on innovative solutions for boosting the safety and reliability of chemical industry systems.

At Achema 2015, DuPont will present innovative and sustainable solutions for boosting the safety, efficiency and reliability of chemical manufacturing systems. These include Teflon® fluoroplastics and industrial coatings, Viton® fluoroelastomer seals and Krytox® high-performance lubricants.

The company will also be exhibiting ECCtreme® ECA a new high-temperature resistant, melt-processable fluoropolymer resin family capable of withstanding continuous service temperatures of up to 300°C. In a free seminar "Managing Corrosion with Teflon® Fluoroplastics" at the fair, DuPont will also explain the advantages of Teflon® corrosion protection solutions with recent case studies.

Enhanced corrosion protection
Failures in chemical manufacturing systems caused by corrosion can lead to leakages, emissions, reduced processing efficiencies, increased costs and impaired product quality. Components made from Teflon® fluoroplastics offer outstanding corrosion resistance over a wide temperature range, providing a solution that is often more universal and more economical than many exotic metals and alloys. Available in both powder and liquid form, these are suitable for a huge range of component sizes and shapes.
Fluoroplastics are non-brittle and are resistant to impact and thermal shock. Their low coefficient of friction assures ease of operation in moving parts such as ball or plug valves, while their inherent non-stick properties prevent deposits from forming and facilitate cleaning. Special grades of DuPont fluoroplastics have been developed to meet ATEX directives.
A new addition to the Teflon® Industrial Finishes product line is the first truly water-based, low-VOC, easy-to-use 1-coat system based on Teflon® PTFE.
It provides outstanding corrosion protection while simultaneously ensuring sufficient slip to prevent galling, and is specifically designed for coating offshore, chemical processing, and water treatment fasteners on substrates such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Highest temperature and chemical resistance
ECCtreme® ECA is a new melt-processable fluoropolymer resin family which combines the physical, electrical and chemical properties typical of fluoroplastics with very high heat resistance, which means it is capable of withstanding continuous service temperatures of up to 300°C. It is suitable for sheathing cables, lines and sensors, for example, in the recovery of geothermal energy, in the oil and gas industry and in aerospace applications.
Numerous grades of Viton® fluoroelastomers are available which differ in terms of their chemical resistance and mechanical properties so that they can meet requirements for specific applications and processes.
With their wide heat resistance from -40°C to +200°C and their resistance to aggressive chemicals and motor fuels, they are suitable for sealing applications in the chemical, automotive and general industrial sectors.

Free corrosion protection seminar
A seminar entitled "Managing Corrosion with Teflon® Fluoroplastics" hosted by DuPont at Achema 2015 will explain the advantages of Teflon® corrosion protection solutions.
The seminar will focus on improved sealing systems with longer maintenance intervals, specific case studies of linings or dust filtration solutions in chemically aggressive surroundings (e.g. waste incinerators), damage analysis and solutions, as well as the new fluoropolymer resin family ECCtreme® ECA from DuPont. The seminar will take place on 16 June 2015 from 12:30 until around 17:30 in room Fantasie 2 at the Frankfurt Congress Centre.

High-performance lubricants for boosting operational reliability
Krytox® high-performance lubricants offer a broad selection of specially formulated, non-flammable and chemically inert synthetic oils and greases which can help to ensure operational reliability in systems in the chemical and petrochemical industries without entailing any compromises in terms of lubricant performance.
Developed using DuPont technology to satisfy the special needs of the chemical industry, these are non-toxic, non-reactive, non-flammable, non-corrosive and compatible with the polymers used in seals, O-rings and valves. They retain their lubricant performance and a stable viscosity over a wide range of temperatures in highly corrosive environments and can be used for lubricating valves, fans, pumps, agitators, reactors, centrifuges and other components.