CNG packaged hose

simplifies refueling

  • CNG packaged hose
    CNG packaged hose

Parker Hannifin's CNG hoses are electrically conductive hose used to dispense or transfer Compressed Natural Gas. Specifically, CNG hoses are used in gas dispensing applications such as fleet and commercial vehicle refueling stations and CNG gas lines for trucks and buses. Parflex CNG hose is offered in a CSA certified single-line assembly or as a packaged solution with multiple hoses bonded into a compact, safe, easy-to-install assembly.

CNG packaged hose solutions reduce refueling time by providing an assembly that eliminates tangled hoses and reduces part number complexity. In addition, each CNG Hose is designed with a perforated urethane cover and comes with spring guards or strain relief for added safety.

All assemblies are pressure tested and electrically tested for conductivity and comply with NFPA 52, ANSI/IAS NGV 4.2-1999 and CSA 12.52-M99. Sizes range from 5mm I.D. up to 25mm I.D. and CNG hose operates at temperatures from -40 to 82°C with working pressures up to 34.5MPa.