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    Compressor Oils

Compressor oils play a major role in generating clean compressed air in an energy-efficient way. Klüber Lubrication presents its latest developments in this field at ComVac 2015. Fully synthetic compressor oils of the Klüber Summit series show considerably improved performance values and are a strong alternative to conventional products.

Among their benefits are long oil lifetimes, higher compressor efficiency and a minimum of residual oil in the compressed air. The user benefits from significant operating cost reductions.

"Modern compressor oils save real money", explains Robert Corna, Sales Manager Compressors and Compressed Air at Klüber Lubrication. "They account for less than one percent of the cost of compressor operation; however, the right oil helps save a considerable part of the total cost. Many users still underestimate the savings potential."

The new competence centre for gas compression in Texas pools the experience of tribology experts working with customers worldwide. Klüber Lubrication's subsidiary Summit Industrial Products has been a leading company in the US gas compression market for years and operates the new competence centre.

Summit focuses exclusively on products for compressors and compressor applications and has the highest level of know-how in the field. Klüber Lubrication is the only lubricant manufacturer worldwide to have an exclusive division for the compression market.

Compressed air is the fourth energy utility after electricity, gas and water. Few production lines in the world would run without it.