Dome Pressure Regulator with Integrated Digital Sensor Technology

Digital networking for gas technology systems for real time measurements of pressure, temperature and flow rate

  • Dome Pressure Regulator with Integrated Digital Sensor Technology
    Dome Pressure Regulator with Integrated Digital Sensor Technology

The smart Witt dome pressure regulator measures the inlet and outlet pressures as well as the gas temperature at the inlet and outlet. Until now, these values could only be measured using additional, external sensors and transmitters, which had to be installed separately in the pipeline. This ground-breaking integration enables a much more compact, reliable and economical solution. A further unique selling point: The built-in software uses the recorded data including the Cv value to calculate the gas flow rate, and thus provides the user with additional valuable information on the process performance.

Transparency and operational reliability 

The measured and calculated data are displayed in real time on a small display in the valve and sent to the required location via a network connection. For example, the data can be transmitted via telemetry systems from cryogenic gas tanks. This enables those responsible to intervene quickly when action is required. This ensures maximum operational reliability, process control and a high level of transparency. Despite built-in sensors, the dome pressure regulator is extremely compact. It can also be easily installed in the pipeline at a later date. The regulators give uniquely accurate pressure control, with the pressure curve remaining practically unchanged over the entire flow rate range. They adapt very swiftly to changes in the upstream pressure, avoiding pressure fluctuations and the notorious “flutter” effect.