Electronic Gas Mixer for Technical Gases

Precise gas mixtures even at high flow

  • Electronic Gas Mixer for Technical Gases
    Electronic Gas Mixer for Technical Gases

For applications needing high flow rates of gas mixtures, such as steel production or the chemical industry, WITT offers the MG 2000-ME ERC+ electronic gas mixer. Precisely and reliably, the device generates high-quality gas mixtures of two technical gases, even when the flow rate is fluctuating. Inside the new top model is an electronically operated proportional valve that achieves a maximum mixed gas output of up to 2,180 Nm3/h. The system is controlled either remotely via Ethernet or analogue output, or directly on the unit via an intuitive touchscreen. The seamless mixture adjustment is thus particularly precise, and stored mixture specifications can be easily reproduced. When operated remotely, the user can control and see the system status at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Compensation of supply flow rates

The system keeps the mixture and outlet pressure stable when flowrates are changing. In this way, the user obtains a precise mixture over the entire output range, even with cycling flowrates. Pressure fluctuations in the gas supply are compensated by a constant pressure control and have no influence on the mixture quality. Optional pressure and temperature transmitters monitor the gas supply. Excessively low inlet pressures or temperatures generate an alarm and shut down the system. The setting of the mixing valve is maintained even when the mixer is switched off. This means that after a restart, the required mixture is generated again immediately.

The mixer can be optionally equipped with an integrated gas analyser for monitoring and documenting the gas mixture.