Efficient and Reliable Bulk Solids Handling

Pneumatic conveying processes have a key function in the material flow of many industrial companies and place correspondingly high demands on blower technology, with efficiency, reliability and purity of the conveying air particularly in focus.

  • Efficient and Reliable Bulk Solids Handling
    Efficient and Reliable Bulk Solids Handling

The pneumatic conveying has established itself as the ideal solution for transporting large quantities of bulk materials - whether for loading and unloading vehicles and ships or for transfer within the production process. High-performance technologies are needed to get materials and products from A to B quickly, gently and with the lowest possible energy consumption. The oil-free compression Positive displacement blowers, Screw blowers, Screw compressors and Turbo blowers from AERZEN set standards on the market and solve every transport task - efficiently, safely and smartly.

Energy savings up to 30 %

With the aid of intelligent control systems, the combination of different technologies and sizes as well as options for heat recovery, solutions that are equally economical as they are resource-saving and environmentally friendly can be implemented. The screw and turbo blowers in particular are unbeatable in terms of energy and achieve significant energy savings compared to conventional positive displacement blowers. Up to 30 % are possible. AERZEN's application engineers know the industry-specific processes and develop bespoke product concepts that are precisely tailored to the customer's individual application. With its worldwide sales and service network, the compressor specialist ensures short distances to the customer and guarantees fast and reliable onsite support.

Safety is the most essential thing

The packages provide absolutely oil- and absorption material free air (oil-free operation according to ISO 8573-1, class 0), meet the ISO 22000 standard and the current the current ATEX product directive 2014/34/ EU and can be used in highly critical, explosive working environments (e.g. flour dust) without any problems. The use of silencers without absorption material increases process reliability, guarantees the highest compressed air quality and increases energy efficiency through reduced pressure losses. A spark arrester integrated into the silencer further increases safety: it prevents sparks, which could emanate from blowers and compressors in the event of a malfunction, from entering the conveying pipe or the silo. The process air is guaranteed free of contaminations such as oil or abrasion.

Digital solutions for blowers and compressors

AERZEN focuses on the data-driven consideration of the entire life cycle of its machines and provides bespoke cloud-based digital services which combine long experience in mechanical engineering with the latest technology from the information processing and artificial intelligence ranges. The recording of all relevant operating data provides information about the processes involved in the compression process. In this way, malfunctions can be reduced and downtimes minimised. The result: more energy efficiency, process safety, transparency and reliability.